Razor’s crazy cart XL Is drifting fun for adults

Drifting initially emerged in the mid- 2000s, and looked like a lot of fun in the movies. To be honest, most of us wanted to try it at some point!

Since we are now grown and responsible adults who do not have stunt driving training, and lack the thousands of dollars necessary to learn to drift safely, forget the car to do it.

Luckily, we have the Crazy Cart XL which is much cheaper and nominally less dangerous If you are familiar with Razor’s crazy cart, then you have a basic idea about how much you pay for one of these. It is worth $800 and trust me, it is worth it!

Drift cart – For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, here it is.

First step take a wheeled dolly without a back, on board four wheels like you used to roll around  on in gym class way back in the elementary school days, the ones with the wheels on castors.

Add an electric motor capable of going up to 17mph, tied to a wheel towards the front of the dolly. Include a handle that allows you to lift the wheel at any time, a steering system, and that’s the Crazy Cart XL.

Is it crazy and safe? Oh yes, it definitely is. The main idea is that you engage in a hard turn, lift the wheel, and drift in all sorts of insane ways and styles. Also yes, it is true it is built specifically for adults; it can take weight up to 300 pounds and keep rolling.

Needless to say, a device like this should only be used with the utmost responsibility. By which we mean you should probably wear a helmet, and be ready to deal with other people laughing at you. But think of it this way: They don’t have a fancy drifting cart… and you do.

Marvel’s nesting dolls

To be honest, anything Marvel branded is bound to sell like hot cakes, but definitely to a certain segment of the population.

However, we have come to a conclusion that these Marvel Avengers Nesting Dolls will be a big hit soon, largely because  Nesting Dolls are straight up classic, thanks to the original, Russian Nesting Dolls.  While the original remains cool, their colours aren’t nearly as exciting, or as topical for that matter, as these ones.

The largest of the bunch is the Hulk Nesting doll. Yes, it holds all the other dolls, and like the cartoons he is gigantic in size.  You can fit a Thor inside of him, which is followed by Captain America, Iron Man and Nick Fury.

A few other things you should know:

They are also made from plastic and not wood, unlike the original Nesting dolls. The size of the Marvel Avengers Nesting Dolls range from 2-4.5″.

Yes, they’re officially licensed.

So you want one?  Just head to the store and drop $50 of your hard earned cash. Still not enough to satiate your need for all things Avengers?  Check out this Thor Hammer Bookend, or this Ironman Macbook Sticker.

The Simpsons invade LEGO

Best thing we’ve heard so far, Simpsons invade LEGO.

That’s right; LEGO is taking a trip to Springfield for a brand new line of minifigures based on ‘The Simpsons characters.’

Yes, Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and many more are coming to LEGO for some shenanigans. This is your best chance to build your very own Simpsons adventure.

Best of all, for $3.99, you get a mystery bag of 16 minifigures, so it’s relatively cheap to collect all of the character

Specifically each character comes with his/her very own accessory based on ‘The Simpsons.’ Bart has a skateboard, Homer has a donut, lisa sizzles with her saxophone and Maggie has her poor teddy.

They also come with their own display plates. If you’re a huge fan, you might even consider buying the official Simpsons house from LEGO, which will put you back $199. But to have the ultimate Simpsons display set, it might be worth it.

LEGO is supposedly releasing a Simpsons line for their new toys-to-life game LEGO Dimensions.Not much else is known about the new level, and LEGO has not officially confirmed the line. Other level packs include Jurassic World, Portal, Scooby Doo, and Chima.

There’s a lot of LEGO Springfield on the way. We’re not complaining.

The Fire-Engine Red Nexus 5 is here!

The Nexus 5 is Google’s new smartphone where they show off Android features and generally make the argument for putting Google in your pocket. And guess what, it’s now bright red!

Google, being the multinational tech company that is, announced the ‘Red’ colour and it joins the white and black already available colours on the shelf!  Beyond the base plate, it’s the same great phone Google’s been selling: The same Snapdragon under the hood, the same operating system, the same big screen.

But Google still hasn’t answered one question put forth by consumers yet, Why Red?

The only thing Google would say is that the colour red has been in demand for a while, considering the user base.  Google suggests you to show off your vibrant personality with the bright red.

As  a matter of fact we see, Google was ofcourse behind the Moto X experiment, where a wide variety of customization options were being made available. In general, this seems like a strategy where the company wants to give people what they want.

Hence it is fair to assume that when Nexus comes along this year, it will available in more colours and might integrate some of the custom idea from the Moto X.

Kobo Aura Review

E-reading is a great technology, one that has served many readers this generation. If only lot of us had time to read more books. I personally have not read a book in months, but with my Kobo Aura things are different.

I can read the book anywhere I go, it is easily accessible and you can pick short stories to finish reading in a quicker time span.  Most of us are getting the hang of reading short pieces online, whether it is a short story, articles, or long-form narratives, this excellent software service makes it possible for us to read.

Kobo is definitely one of the biggest innovators in the field.

Their latest line of readers is integrated with Pocket, the web-content saving application that will store anything, from articles to YouTube videos, in the app for you to view later. Combining that with an E-reader is the easiest way to actually keep up with the barrage of great, often indispensable writing that millions publish daily.

The aura is a 6-inch reader that’s thinner and lighter than most of today’s smartphones. It can even fit comfortably in the back pocket, and is wonderfully light at just 174 grams.

It is perfectly comfortable to hold it on one hand for reading and the backlight provides concise, soft light for reading in the dark.

The aura is specifically designed for a reader; the design alone makes it one of the best I’ve used.

Smart sportswear featuring wearable audio coach is your new training buddy!

As you all know not everyone can afford a personal trainer or a professional like the athletes do. Also, you have no choice but to train alone, let’s try and make it a fun session while we can.

Use the Mbody coach as it provides real-time audio coaching as you train your hardest for an upcoming competition or for yourself.

Created by Myontec Mbody, the company behind muscle-load tracking technology built into compression short, Mbody Coach is an extension of their line, transforming Myontec Mbody gadget-sportswear into your own personal coach.

With this product you are bound to receive the right insight and recommendations right to your ears while wearing the sports wear line.

Information relayed via the device include muscle performance, overload warning, problem detection warning, training instructions and other info based on bio signals from your body.

Apart from this you will get a post-exercise analysis so you know that you need to improve for the next training.

It works by bio signals transmitted from the smart wear’s sensors to your phone wirelessly and then from there to your ears, as a firm and friendly coach. And to let everyone else know how you’re training, you can share your results via its social media sharing functions. Pledge $299 or more on its Kickstarter campaign to get it before Christmas, and it includes Mshorts for runners, Mcell recorder and app.